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Auto Insurance

Our team of professional agents can help you obtain the coverage you deserve at great market rates. We are able to provide quotes for Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, D.C. & North Carolina. Insurance policies are different for each person.  Most companies use a credit score (we have some that do not).  Then they take into account your driving record, information your VIN provides about your car & safety ratings, the coverage you want, any discounts you are eligible for and rating data for the area you live in.

We can provide coverage for preferred drivers and to those with multiple items on their records.  It’s the advantage we have by representing many different companies.

In Virginia, we can also provide instant FR-44 & SR 22 to those who need them.

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Questions about Automotive Insurance

  • What causes auto insurance rates to go up?
    Some companies use credit scores as an additional factor in their rates.  All companies use your driving record and a ‘Clue’ report which tells them about claims paid on your car or on your behalf as a driver.  Also, if there has been increased claim activity within your company or your area you reside in, this can cause an increase.
  • If I had an accident on private property or didn’t get a ticket for an accident, why does that count against my rate?
    Insurance companies don’t care if you got a ticket for an accident.  If money was paid out for a claim, it is accounted for.
  • How long do items stay on my record?
    Most companies surcharge for items that are on your record for the last 3 years but will look at the last 5 years of your activities.  Preferred companies usually base their rates off of the past 5 years.
  • How long do I have to carry an SR-22 or FR-44?
    If you’re caught without insurance you have to carry the SR-22 for 3 years without a gap in coverage.  A DUI triggers the FR-44, which you have to carry for 5 years without a gap.  The DMV does not notify the insurance company or agency when you no longer need one of the above filings.  You need to check with the DMV and ask for a written statement that the filing is no longer needed.
  • What do I do if I get a letter from DMV about my insurance?
    Act immediately, they give you a limited amount of time to respond providing them with your current insurance information and will penalize you for a late or delayed response.  If the letter is about insurance verification, use this link: DMVnow.